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About Us!

Company Profile!

Apek Translation is providing quality translation services since 2012. Our translators, project managers, editors, and proofreaders have delivered millions of pages of quality content to companies of all sizes and industries in INDIA and abroad.

We are the largest multinational language service provider in Asia and Eastern Europe, with operations spanning the globe. We provide extensive services 24/7 worldwide, and are committed to assisting clients around the world to provide its needs and solutions.

A Team of Expert Translators

Over the years, Apek has built up a global network of in-country translators that works seamlessly with the in-house translators in our headquarters and branches to guarantee top quality translations.

  • Resource Management Team
  • Project Management Team
  • Document Processing Team
  • Specialized Translation Team

What Makes Us Different

With over 10 years’ international experience as a language services provider, Apek Translation Service is the perfect partner to spread your company’s message around the world. We offer an expert response to the demands of a constantly evolving global market. In a multicultural world, communication is an essential tool to develop and broaden our horizons. That’s why the right choice of translation and localisation services is key to promoting a company’s image, products, and services internationally.

We are the right size of association to take care of your translation needs. Our organized team of project managers knows each client and their needs. We are small enough to care about your corporate while big enough to offer the resources you need for a world-class translation of your content.

Our Values

The clients who value our services the most are those who look for long-term business relationships. We take the time to understand your language needs and guide you on how to best achieve your business goals. We understand that to offer reliability, we need to take care of our staff, translators, and community as a whole. We value the human aspect of our business and we love to work for companies with similar values.

As a business, we are honest and credible. As a partner, we are willing to help clients in every way possible.
We operate with integrity and live up to our commitments.